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England's Road to Socialism


The CPB's manifesto translated and adapted for the post-Britain era.




Chapter 1: Capitalism and crisis

Workers and capitalists

Monopoly capitalism and imperialism

The challenge of socialism

Imperialism versus working people

The struggle for environmental and ecological security

Imperialism or socialism


Chapter 2: The Crisis in Britain

Tory Strategy in the 1980s and 1990s

State Monopoly Capitalism Today

The Role of Reformism


Chapter 3: The Alternative Economic and Political Strategy

Economic and social policies

The Democratic Policies of the AEPS

An Independent Foreign Policy


Chapter 4: The forces for change

The capitalist class

Intermediate strata

The working class

The Labour Movement

The Communist Party and Revolutionary Leadership

Other Democratic Movements

The democratic anti-monopoly alliance


Chapter 5: The Advance to Socialism

The left government and capitalist resistance

State power and socialism




What We Stand For

(again, adapted for the post-Britain era from a text by the Communist Party of Britain.)

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